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Short for Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and often shortened even more to MMO or MMOG, an MMORPG is a game where thousands of people play together in an ongoing online world. In the game, the player starts at a low level or rank and progress until he or she has achieved the maximum level or rank. During a players lifetime they gain new abilities, skills, better gear, and get access to advanced areas in the game that often require a party, group, or raid of people to complete.

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MU Pilipinas

MU Pilipinas Season 6 Episode 3
Non Rebirth System
Hard rate Server
Exp: 10x
ML Exp: 5x
Drop rate: 15x
Jewels drop rate: Hardcore
Max Excellent Options: 2
Max ML Level: 200
System Automated Events
Online reward
x2 Online reward for VIP


CABAL Pilipinas

CABAL Pilipinas Episode 8 : EP16 
Medium Rate Server
Auto Class Rank 11
Starter Items & Freebies
Episode 10 & 16 New skills
Senillenia Map
Arcane Trace Map
Free GM buff
Premium Account
Free starting stats
EXP: 500%
SkillEXP: 200%


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